6822 Full-Page Mobile Printer

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Mobile Full Page Printer

Available in mobile or fixed-mount configurations, the Honeywell 6822 printer creates high-quality customer receipts, invoices, load reports, transfers and other route accounting documents. Optional Bluetooth holders for select Honeywell mobile computers enable wireless printing.

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Honeywell – 6822 Full-Page Mobile Printer

Product Details

The Honeywell 6822 Full-Page Mobile Printer is designed to produce high-quality customer invoices, receipts, load reports, transfers and other documents for route-accounting applications.

The real-time accounting structure provided by the 6822 printer and Honeywell mobile computers facilitates route-delivery settlement and ensures customer information is always current. Choose from portable or fixed-mount configurations depending on your mobility requirements.

The fixed-mount configuration is ideal for applications where mounting the printer in a vehicle is preferred. The mobile computer holder can be mounted either to the side of the printer or remote from the printer – whichever is most convenient. And although the printer is safely mounted to the vehicle, a quick-release feature allows one-step removal of the printer for swapping from one vehicle to another.





  • Choice of portable or fixed- mount configurations
  • Wireless printing via optional Bluetooth holder for portable and fixed-mount configurations
  • Easy loading of up to 3-ply paper from internal or external paper trays
  • 512k flash memory can store DBCS fonts such as Korean and Chinese
  • Optional HHC holders and docks for Intermec CN3/e, CN4/e and CN70/e Series mobile computers
  • Fast two-page-per-minute print time helps get the work done fast